In Brief

UP PUGAD Sayk (or the University of the Philippines Psychological Understanding for Growth and Distinction Society) is more than just a beleaguered acronym. PUGAD is a relatively young organization that seeks the betterment of its members - through their own diversity. This group truly believes that each person has something different and unique to offer everyone.

Open to all students in the University, PUGAD, being a Psychology organization, is still based in the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP).

Now at 12 years, PUGAD has grown to become the largest organization in the CSSP. We, its members, look forward to the coming year (and indeed, the next ones), and hope to see it continue to grow.

But more than just an org (and an acronym), we, the members of PUGAD see our beloved "nest" (for indeed, the Filipino word pugad means that) as a home - and our fellow members as family.